Short History of Broadcasting Thanks Noah for sharing this with me
AllStar Link
AllStar Config Guide
Universal Licensing System Search
Repeater Builder
Hamshack Hotline
APRS operators in central TX: on Google Map
AC6V Amateur Radio & DX Reference Guide thousands of ham-radio-related links!
Antenna Design Information & Software Great collection of antenna advice
ATV/DATV by KH6HTV (info, gear, support, newsletters, etc. for ATV/DATV)
Band Plan for U.S. Amateurs (color pdf, current FCC plan) the straight facts about batteries (e.g., recharging truths and myths)
Central Texas 2m/440 Repeaters (always changing, but here’s a start!)
Cheatsheets for Ham Rigs, etc. (links to concise cheatsheets for many ham rigs)
Considerate Operator’s Frequency Guide (suggested freqs for various modes)
Electronic Glossary and Terms (Excellent site with common electricty related terms and their definitions)
Electronics 101 (Teach yourself: transistors, amps, filters, oscillators, etc.)
Grounding Your Ham Station
Ham Radio Now TV (weekly streaming videos from KN4AQ)
Hey What’s That? (See your tower “footprint,” see signals range/heading/terrain, and more.) How To (pdf)
RadioReference (Police, Fire, etc. frequencies for McLennan County, and more.)
NASA on the Air!
How to find your Maidenhead Grid Square Locator

Local Clubs

Brazos Valley Amateur Radio Club (BVARC)
Northwest Amateur Radio Society (NARS)
Texas VHF-FM Society
Katy Amateur Radio Society
Temple Amateur Radio Club
Heart of Texas Amateur Radio Club
Metrocrest Amateur Radio Society

Local Stream

Waco PD Broadcastify Link (streamed by KI5PCQ)

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